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Chris was born February 13, 1974 in the state of Washington.  He has been in the music industry for over 30 years.  Chris started playing guitar at age eight and by the time he turned ten, he had written his first song.   After finishing high school in Olympia, WA, Chris decided to enlist United States Marine Corps.  His travels took him to places such as Okinawa, Japan and various countries throughout the Orient and Asia.   After completing that tour of duty, Chris received orders to Eastern North Carolina.  It was there where he began playing with a group named Dorian Gray.  The group opened for shows of artists such as: Edwin McCain, Lisa Loeb, Ted Nugent, Night Ranger, Bad Company and many others.     Toward the end of his service, he met his first wife and his step-son Jesse, who he taught to play the guitar.  Chris and his first wife also have a daughter, whose name is Sierra. Chris has also played various live radio studio sessions with many radio stations, performed many shows in regional areas, and has worked countless in the studio recording.


When Dorian Grey split, Chris and his family decided to relocate to Tacoma, Washington. Chris was booked and played in the local Seattle circuit five to seven nights a week with various seasoned musicians. During that time period, Chris played all cover music.  After two and a half years, Chris decided to start performing some of his original material.  One night, after a show, a man named Cory came to him on stage and said, “You’re going to be the singer for my band.”  Chris’s reply was, “YES.”  After that night, Chris performed an all original line up of material.   Chris put down the guitar down and became a front man for PH70, which opened for the Bullet Boys and played on local 99.9 KISW radio.  PH70 parted ways in 2000.  At that time, Chris and his family returned to Eastern North Carolina.  This move led to an even bigger original project:  PMF (Past Meets Future).  Because of technical issues and time restraints, PMF’s first CD took 3 years to record.  Several CD’s followed the first, which lead to a trip to New York where PMF performed at The International Music and Film Festival 2004. PMF was named “Best Rock Band 2004.”  The band opened for acts such as, Quiet Riot and David Allen Coe several times.  While singing with PMF, Chris continued to write and co-write.  He wrote “Life” with Chuck Manning (S.L.A.M, Sex Love And Money, Sony records.)  Manning also produced the PMF album LIVE IT UP.   A track titled “Wasted Time” started out on the college radio with nationwide coverage, and CMT reports showed a small success.   Unfortunately, PMF had a falling out and the band parted ways.


Since that time, Chris has been preforming non-stop at various benefits, festivals, vacation resorts, private parties.  He is routinely booked various bars and clubs.  He continues to write his own music and records with Greg Scott Studios in Sneads Ferry, N.C.  Chris’s most recent projects include:  “Choices” which was written for the State of North Carolina State trooper’s drivers’ education and released in 2009: the theme songs for Trophy Quest Outdoor (hunting show on the Outdoor Channel); radio jingles and professional video shoots for Stereo Jones, which is a cover/original two man acoustic act.  Stereo Jones is comprised of Chris Jones and Shawn Mitchell.  After 4 years of playing together, the two started recording a new project, a CD entitled “BURNED.”  It was recorded at East Coast Studios in Pamlico County, North Carolina.  “BURNED” is currently being promoted for its release in December 2012.


Chris is showcasing his abilities and tailoring his act with plans to head towards Nashville.  There, Chris plans to continue to write record and perform his original music.  He hopes to build his career in music to a higher level and reach a larger audience.


Performing live has been and will always be a passion for Chris Jones.   An extreme talent for writing and performing has emerged from within him and the rest is yet to be discovered.


Look for Chris Jones and his new CD "BURNED" in town or on a radio near you.